Gulfstream 5

The G5 is a large executive jet, ideal for ultra long-range flights, and highly requested by businessmen, celebrities, politicians, etc.

The passenger cabin is spacious and luxurious. Its configuration includes 1 club with 4 seats, 6 individual seats and a 4-seater side divan. The seats can recline and form 4 beds. The plane has a large galley (with oven, microwave, nespresso and refrigerator) and a spacious toilet.

The aircraft has a baggage compartment located at the rear of the fuselage. It also has an auxiliary power unit, which enables the cabin to be energized and air-conditioned on the ground, prior to the engines start-up.

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Aircraft specifications

  • Rent a Gulfstream 5 Category: large jet
  • Informations Gulfstream 5 Powerplants: 2 x 14.680 lbs
  • Specs Gulfstream 5 Capacity: 14 passengers
  • Price Gulfstream 5 Cruise speed: 890 km/h - 480 kt
  • Ambulance flights Argentina Range: 11.100 km - 6.900 mi
  • Aircraft rental prices Operating ceiling: 51.000 ft
  • Charter flights quotations Cabin type: pressurized
  • Private flights San Fernando Lavatory: available
  • Aircraft rental San Fernando Operating runways: asphalt

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