The ride

Martin Garcia Island is a nature reserve located 60 km. away of Buenos Aires city, at the mouth of the Uruguay River on the Rio de la Plata.

Faced with the Uruguayan coast and covering an area of 168 hectares, the island offers the tranquility of a secluded retreat of all development, inhabited by few people and ruled by hundreds of native species of birds, reptiles, rodents and amphibians. Several trails go across the island from end to end, surrounding the ruins of a former military base, now dominated by the chants of parrots.

The ride is very quiet and relaxing, setting to spend a moment alone, or in the company of friends, sharing a chat and a warm "mate". The village has a very special theater that often serves as a cinema, the historical bakery and pastry factory, the old chapel, the famous prison where was exiled the former President Peron, small museums, the old lighthouse, outdoor games, a cozy inn, a family restaurant, etc.


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