Fairchild Metroliner III

The Metroliner is a turboprop aircraft with a capacity of 19 passengers. It is a versatile aircraft, easily configurable, and capable of fulfilling different types of missions such as carrying passengers, freight transportation, ambulance flights and medical evacuations.

Although the passenger cabin has 19 seats, it can also be configured for 17 passengers plus toilette.

The plane has a large baggage compartment capable to accommodate luggage and cargo. Keep in mind that with passengers on board, its use will be limited in order to comply with the maximum allowed takeoff weights.

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Aircraft specifications

  • Rent a Metroliner III Category: twin-engine turboprop
  • Informations Metroliner III Powerplants: 2 x 1.000 shp
  • Specs Metroliner III Capacity: 19 passengers
  • Price Metroliner III Cruise speed: 470 km/h - 254 kt
  • Ambulance flights Argentina Range: 2.100 km - 1.305 mi
  • Aircraft rental prices Operating ceiling: 25.000 ft
  • Charter flights quotations Cabin type: pressurized
  • Private flights San Fernando Lavatory: optional
  • Aircraft rental San Fernando Operating runways: asphalt

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